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For emergencies such as system outages or service impairments, please call toll-free and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please note there is a short delay when calling due to our call-routing service.

Go here for a checklist of steps to take while waiting for a response.

We do immediate emergency travel within the US and its territories, Canada and certain overseas locations. If you are outside of these regions, we may be able to help you find qualified local personnel, or where possible, apply for expedited permits which sometimes offer same-day travel approval.

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Browser Support
We typically design our website to correctly display over a wide range of browsers. Small formatting differences are common, but should appear unnoticeable to most users. We commonly test with the following:

Safari 4.x +
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Internet Explorer 7.x and 8.x +

Although virtually all of our website pages currently display properly with Internet Explorer 6.x, like many web developers we are choosing move forward with limited support for this legacy browser as it is often impossible to reconcile all but the simplest display formats between this and newer browsers.

If you see a problem with the website, we would thank you for pointing it out. Please let us know at

Website Problems

Screen Width/Readability
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1. Screen Width/Readability

We sometimes place large pictures on our webpages so those with large workstations have an interesting photo to study. If you find the wording on a webpage overlays a portion of the image and is difficult to read, widening your browser's width during your visit will shift the wording to a different area as we use variable width pages.

Many browsers provide fast options to fill the current screen with the current active window. For example, Firefox will fill your entire screen by hitting F11 (Windows) or shift, command, F (Mac). Hit either again to toggle back to original screen size. Safari will zoom in or out with command + or command -, respectively.
2. Page Load Time

Most of our clients use a T1, fiber or other commercial backbone to their premises. As a result, we design our website for a richer experience that may include many photos, articles and content. Although we do test our website for mobile devices and wi-fi locations, some pages will take a significant amount of data, and therefore time, to load.

We do not currently foresee building a low-bandwidth option website. However, we consider all feedback and will offer low-bandwidth options if enough users request it. Please contact us if you are having problems loading our website.
3. Page Will Not Load

Currently, AG Advice and Support does not use cookies (March 2010), which some browsers will sometimes prevent if you are blocking cookies. If you find a page isn't loading, by far the most common cause is a slow connection, particularly if you outside the United States and Canada. We suggest waiting a few minutes and trying again. You may also wish to try a different browser to one of the supported ones mentioned above. If a page clearly is not loading, please let us know so we can check the website. Please contact us at

Please let us know if you encounter a problem with the website.


What services do you provide?
What do your services cost?
How do I get on/off your mailing list?
Where are all those pictures on/that cycle through your home page?
Can I use content from your web site? What if i credit it to you?
1. What services do you provide?

AG Advice and Support tries to assist its clients to see what their customers want, how much they are willing to pay for, how to design or offer sellable-answers to them, and then support them in the most cost-effective way into the future.

We specifically do this with the following services:

  • Network, telecommunication and power distribution design and technical support, technical writing and technical training.
  • Technical marketing, branding and merchandising, market research, and web-site design, focused around the technical features mentioned above.
  • Operations management, system efficiency, quality systems, strategic planning and risk management.
  • Fast-response on-site or telephone technical support.

This broad-based group of services is not offered by accident. AG Advice and Support began with just a focus on telecommunications networks, training and various emergency preparedness techniques, but after several years of using various troubleshooting and trouble-prevention techniques, we found that a common problem keeps occurring -- engineering issues and marketing promises clashed far too commonly. We continue to find that personnel in various organizations make well-intentioned, idealogical decisions, but which conflict with the needs or abilities of others within the organization, and with its customers. The only way to reconcile different opinions and beliefs was to see things from the customer perspective and work solutions "backwards" (true marketing). Customer's first contact with a business is often from a website -- this is where they first view your products, your image, etc. and where they will first decide why they will choose you over others, and why they can trust you. To do this properly, several techniques of marketing have to be employed properly. Closely related to what is marketed is the careful design of the products offered, and the support that will be offered (the technical). Finally, to price these products or services correctly, long-term costs such as warranties and quality, plus on-going training of employees is required (operations). All of these things must be done in advance, concurrently, and then followed-up on a regular basis with easy measuring techniques.

The three well-known tenets of marketing, technical and operations are well-acknowledged in technically focused businesses, but they are not so commonly co-ordinated or reviewed end-to-end. This is where we have significant expertise, and represents the theme of how we help our clients.

To read a little more about why we started offering this grouping of services, see the About Us page.
2. What do your services cost?

We have to give you the standard answer to call or email us, and we can quote you a price for what you have in mind, and also offer you some choices as to how you may wish to proceed. There simply is no one price for a research on on-site technical support, but in general we can say that longer assignments tend to cost more, but also have a better cost-per-day than shorter assignments because fixed costs are usually averaged-down over time.

We try to benchmark our costs to:

  • What it would cost you to hire an expert-employee in the same field of our services. Because we tend to work for clients for less than 1 year, pricing tends to be less than a full-time hire for a year, but at a higher rate of expense for the period worked.

  • Productivity of your current operations. We try to consider what improvement we will have helped you add after our services are performed. Because we aspire to offer you a higher skill or experience set than typical with an across-the-board talent pool, we also tend to offer higher productivity than what is typical.

  • What it would cost you if you continued operations without improvement or adjustment (status quo), or if you used a more expensive competitor, or replaced equipment outright, etc. In other words, we compare our costs to alternatives and business-case it ourselves. We believe our integrity is more important than winning a single contract, so we will tell you if we think we see a better alternative for you. We are not in business to serve ourselves, but to serve you. If the extent of our service is to tell you something isn't viable, that's exactly what we'll do.

The most significant costs of consulting include those in the list below. AG Advice and Support has several corporate rate plans to keep costs as low as possible. Many clients and government agencies also have agreements or policies for preferred partners who offer corporate rates, so you may wish to check this when making arrangements.

  • Travel - air, motor vehicle, water taxi, etc.
  • Lodging - hotel or housing.
  • Expenses - reasonable, customary and necessary such a food, specialized tools or parts, etc.
  • Professional fees.
  • Immediacy or last-minute travel - last minute reservations tend to cost more than 1, 2 and 3 week advance booking periods.
  • Length of assignment - above costs tend to be lower for 1 week and 1 month or longer. We tend to adjust fees significantly for longer term assignments.
  • Advance Preparation - research, assembly and review of procedures, printing training manuals, etc. are often performed in advance of our arrival or when service is to be performed. Preparation time can be significant for certain types of services.
3. How do I get on/off your mailing list?

AG Advice and Support does not use automated mailing lists. If you have received an email from us, it is one of the following:
i. A genuine email to clients who have used our services before or who might have talked with us at a work site, passed us a business card, or other such direct communication.

ii. A fraudulent or spam email where an unscrupulous entity has stolen our domain name and sent you an unsolicited email asking you to purchase something, and in all likelihood, something we would never be willing or want to sell.

In case i. we occasionally -- perhaps once or twice a year -- ask current clients or those who have expressed some interest in us if they might be in need of one of our services. We do not and will never spam you. We would rather lose a potential business contact and not bother you again rather than lose our integrity. And if you don't want to hear from us, no problem -- email and tell us so, and that will be that.

Of course, if you would like to occasionally hear from us, which the vast majority of our clients say they do, you may email us at the same address and we will occasionally say hello, and perhaps even send you a picture of a cactus or tell you a joke we found particularly funny.

In case ii. you have been spammed. We NEVER ask you to purchase anything from us in an email, and certainly not little blue pills or subscriptions to dating websites. Unfortunately, we cannot stop this because anyone can operate a server farm in a island-nation foreign country, loaded with valid email addresses they have stolen, and send you unwanted offers by the bushel. What you can do is tell us, and we can sometimes initiate certain innovative spam-suppression procedures with various traffic routers, such a Yahoo! who can be quite helpful. Be advised however that it is usually a matter of time before the spammer re-routes their traffic differently and the spam starts again. However, we like fighting this battle as it helps us learn the latest in anti-spam techniques.

You can also locally block that sender on your computer, and if provided, report the email as spam to your email service provider. However, if you are interested in receiving valid emails from us, we would ask that you do not block the entire domain, as doing so would also block valid emails from us. If your IT department or email provider supports it, you can use some form of "selective email acceptance", where we provide you with the only emails which are valid, and all others are ignored.

As you probably know, one thing you should not do is email back the spammer, as this will usually confirm your email address, and guarantee that you receive more spam than you ever thought possible.
4. Where are all those pictures on/that cycle through your home page?

See the Interesting Places page of our website.
5. Can I use content from your website? What if I credit it to you?

See the Terms page to learn about the terms of use for content. In general, our terms say that the content of our website belongs to AG Advice and Support, and should not be distributed without our permission first. However, we currently allow others to use a picture or quotation of 300 words or less from our website without obtaining prior permission first, provided that you attribute that content to AG Advice and Support and, if using it on a website, that you provide a link to We may change or revoke this rule in the future, so please check back with our Terms to ensure you are still allowed to use content in this way.

Also, please note that if any content uses an image that belongs to a third-party, you must mention that the image belongs to that third party. If that content also uses a trademark such as a name, stylized image or logo that belongs to a third-party, you must mention that the name, stylized image or logo is a trademark which belongs to that third party. Because third-party companies change their policies from time-to-time, you should also check with that company for their latest policy before using any of their content which may be appearing on our website. We attempt to properly attribute all third-party content that appears on our website, so in most cases you should only need to preserve the all existing notifications that appear in our content. If you see something on our website that might be violating any third-party policy, please let us know at

We make an exception to our 300 word rule for the AGAAS Logic Primer™. You may print or save a single copy for individual use. You may also copy a portion that is contained in a single screen-shot/print-screen, which depending on font size, may contain more than 300 words. If you wish to print or save more than one copy for individual use, or use a longer portion than one screen shot on a website, please contact us at first. We do not want to be onerous, and will try to be co-operative to your needs, but we have concerns about distribution of both our content and certain third-party contact that we have used, and so we are required to ask that you to adhere to these rules. Alternatively, you may provide a link to the Logic Primer™ web page directly from your website, which will direct your readers to the entire document, without the need for obtaining permission from us first.