Interesting Places

About The Home Page Backdrops

The locations shown have all been visited in the course of providing services, with the exception of Kwajalein, which we have not (yet) been to in person, but we hope to rectify that, perhaps on a trip to Macau, another place we need to visit.

As described in the sidebar, the choice of pictures is based largely upon the perspective they present, an underlying theme in troubleshooting. The subject itself might look familiar, but it is shown from an angle you probably have not yet seen it from. Click on a picture if you want to have a closer look.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Southbound lanes of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a centerpiece in one of our favourite cities. Fish and chips at Watson's Bay? Name the time and we'll be there.
Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, USA

Home of Reagan Test Site, Kwaj is located at the southern end of the atoll which form's the world's largest lagoon. Diving in the Marshalls is considered amongst the most spectacular in the world.
Honolulu, HI

Locals might recognize this as the east shoreline at the Marriott, a few miles north of Hono. If you're ever on a work assignment in Hawaii, visit here last or else you won't want to leave.
San Francisco, CA

As you can see from the other pictures on this page, we have an affinity for trusses and rivets. Walking over the Golden Gate Bridge really causes one to appreciate the difficulties during construction with its ever-present winds, particularly with the construction practices of the 1930's.

Vancouver, BC

Getting a photo of the skyline just after a snow fall is probably the best time to take a picture of Vancouver's North Shore.

Phoenix, AZ

As you can see, Phoenix occasionally gets a cloud or two.

Dallas, TX

Every now and then, you get a nice northwest approach into Love Field that goes right over the downtown core. Airplane windows are not the best type of "filter" to photograph through, but you get the general idea.

Toronto, ON

Niagara Falls is really beside Windsor, about an hour southwest of Toronto, but it was either this or a foggy picture of the CN Tower. This is a sight worth seeing in person.

New York, NY

A quintessential photo of NY.